…40days Day 2…

Day 2: be prepared 

Today’s challenge at @40days talked about our inclination to “do good” on the spur of the moment. However, what would happen if we were intentional about it? What if we “keep our lamps lit” so we are ready when opportunity presents itself. 

Today on my lunch break, I stopped by the dollar store. I purchased:

  • juice boxes,
  • water, 
  • crackers, 
  • peanut butter, 
  • granola bars, 
  • toothbrushes and tooth paste, 
  • bandaids, 
  • sunscreen, 
  • chapstick, 
  • Kleenex, and 
  • nice thick athletic socks. 

When I get home I will put them in a large zip lock storage bag and keep several in my car. 

Now when I encounter a homeless person at the stoplight, I will have more to offer than an uncomfortable smile. 
How will you prepare for your next opportunity to pay it forward?


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