…heart, soul, mind, strength…

I have been struggling with how to respond to current events. More specifically, how to make my voice heard in a way that matters and can be part of making a difference. 

Feeling powerless doesn’t feel good. 

However, I’m not entirely sure where I align on most of the debates. I do believe I’m truly bipartisan, because frankly I disagree with the approach that pretty much everyone is taking!

In an attempt NOT to let current events put me in a funk, I’ve been trying to glean inspiration from others on what I can do. Todays devotional about becoming an extraordinary leader focused on Nehemiah. The author (Jenni Catron), drew on this familiar verse from Mark to illustrate why Nehemiah was a great leader. 

I believe we can apply this to our response to current events as well. 

HEART: seek out support. 

Who shares your vision? Who shares your stance? It’s easy to complain and let this turn negative — don’t give in to the pull. Find someone with a similar or complimentary perspective to your own, and look for ways to let your voice or actions be heard in a positive and God-honoring way. 

SOUL: pray over it

Except that this is the second word in the verse from Mark, it probably should be our first step. Pray for many things…that your heart remains open to Gods prompting. For reliance on and trust in God to be more powerful than any fear. That we are given wisdom and discernment in what we read and what we speak. 

MIND: develop a plan

A friend of mine is doing 52 positive action things – one per week. She is journaling them, so that she can see that she is doing something to resist those things with which she disagrees. Perhaps it’s a plan to contact local representatives, or plans to participate in an organized event. To sit and wallow in turmoil accomplishes nothing but create more negative and unhealthy thoughts. Use the mind that God has gifted you to create a plan to show His love to everyone. 

STRENGTH: see the possibilities

Nothing can change if concerned people remain silent. We must believe that Hope remains. We must believe that Love prevails. We must believe that we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to this dark world — and that He has the ultimate victory. Our strength is in Him. 

Heart, soul, mind, strength – let our positive actions be born from these, fueled by the redeeming love of Christ. 


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