…for such a time as this…

Esther is, to me, one of the most intriguing and inspirational books of the Bible. 

All the preparations to be queen. The secrets of her heritage. The fear of unacceptance. The courage it must have taken to finally stand up and speak up for what is right and true and good. Talk about a female role model! 

I don’t want to get into current events, because frankly I still wrestle with where I stand in the midst of it all — finding many, many pieces with which I firmly agree, but also a few pieces that I just can’t embrace. 

What I DO believe though – is the lesson from Esther. 
What if she’d been constantly in the king’s ear? What if she’d complained to other women or other advisors? Would her message have had impact?

But that’s not what she did…she planned, she sought wise counsel, she prepared her heart and her mind, and she went before the king with logic and facts. 

Too often I think society forgets that… we spout off without thinking. We forward media without checking sources. We become the clanging gong, whose noise is so loud that we aren’t heard when it really matters. 

Lord, let my words be few but filled with Your power, Your meaning, Your truth. Arm me well “for such a time as this.”


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