…Proud Mama…

We allowed my daughter to get a phone this year – it was without question her favorite Christmas gift. 

I’m not going to lie; I had my hesitations. 

While we have had some minor growing pains, one aspect of this new stage of her life has blessed me greatly. I trust it is also blessing her. 

One of the apps we loaded first is The Bible app, YouVersion. She has been joining us in the adult service on Sundays, and has been following the live service on her feed — reading the verses, the thoughts etc. She has also started reading some youth focused devotional plans on the app. This is hopefully how SHE is being blessed. 

How am I being blessed, you ask?

She has “friended” me on the app. Now this is actually a mandate – any social apps, she’s required to “friend” me and her dad, and we do random checks on her activity. In this specific app, she is a prolific image creator. I’m blessed daily by the Bible verse pictures she creates – and she usually does several a day. I am blessed by seeing the devotions she chooses — and the fact that she’s reading them daily. 

My biggest prayer from the time I knew they were coming, is that my children grow to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ their Lord. When they were little, I would play and sing Bible songs, teach lessons, etc. As they grow, that’s still my responsibility, but the method of delivery must adapt and grow with them. It’s by hiding His word in their hearts that they will grow in knowledge and understanding. 

In 6 short years, she will be out of our home and beginning her life of independence. My prayer remains that I give her as firm of a foundation in Christ as I possible can, so that she is armed to go into the world to serve and love Him. 


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