…Honoring God…

This time of year, resolutions are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Often they also make their way into Sunday mornin sermons, as was the case for us today. 

We talk about types of fitness…spiritual fitness, emotional fitness, physical fitness. Nearly every time the topic turns to physical fitness, it becomes about weight. So many resolutions revolve around weight loss. 

Does this bug anyone else, or is it just me?

Sure, physical fitness CAN be about weight loss, but it SHOULD be about health and strength and being the best version of yourself…who God created you to be.  

The Bible does tell us to honor Him with our bodies. What does that look like for you? 

I like the current movement AWAY from diets and towards fitness. I think it’s so much healthier of a conversation. 

For me, physical fitness looks like this:

  • Exercising each day. Some days I work out harder than others, but getting to the gym, going for a run, playing sports with my kids, not only keeps me healthy, but sets a good example for them. 
  • Fueling my body right. Recently my husband and I adjusted our diets – ironically ADDING calories to our daily consumption. My son commented that we were on a diet – it was wonderful to be able to correct him with the explanation that our “diet” wasn’t intended to cut weight, but rather to properly fuel our bodies so they continue to function their best. 
  • Cutting out the “extras.”  On a daily basis this looks like sugars. We have adjusted our diets to keep sugar consumption under 25g per day. For a sweet tooth like me, that’s HARD. But it’s all part of properly maintining my body. I will admit that I will have days where I’ll add the extras back in – because this is life and I love food. But if I take care of myself with healthy choices most of the time, the times I let myself indulge will be that much more special. 

Our pastor made a good point today – one he made a couple years ago as well. It continues to resonate with me. God wants to use us to accomplish His will in the world. Will we be able to go when and where He calls us? Have we taken care of our bodies to the best of our ability so that we can be worthy instruments of Christ?


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