…Something Good…

Do you ever read something and instantly a song pops in your head?

Today’s devotion talks about parenting with confidence, and about building a strong foundation for your family. 

Despite any insecurities I have in any area of my life, my kids are amazing, and I’m grateful for my husband – together I do believe we parent with confidence. We make a good team. 

Do I have doubts? Of course. Do I have days where my temper gets the best of me? Absolutely – just this week I had to apologize for how I handled a situation with my son. Are there things that I should do differently, or that might lead my kids to counseling one day? Perhaps. 

But overall, wow, do I have some incredible kids…despite any of my shortcomings. 

The song, you ask? “Something Good” from The Sound of Music. 

“Nothing comes from nothing. Nothing ever could. So somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.”

All children are a gift from the Lord, as we are told in the Psalms. My two children are incredible gifts – beyond anything I deserve. 

I hope I’ve done something good…because that’s what they deserve. 


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