…My Foundation Is…

Today I started a devotional on YouVersion by Thrive Moms, called “Unshakable.”

The devotion itself could have been written by me, or about me at the very least. Self doubt and inadequacy often have me in a death grip. Ironically, I also have a crazy amount of self confidence and gumption. How the conflicting self-impressions can both exist so completely within me is frustrating.

It can be paralyzingly when the fear and feelings of inadequacy and doubt take over. Panic certainly sets in on those, and I’m in first class on the crazy train. How I’d love to permanently step off that train.

Today’s devotion and verse reminded me (1) that I’m normal, but more importantly (2) that I don’t have to provide my own foundation. God has already given me that foundation. He has laid it firm and steady on solid ground. I can build my self-perception on Him and in Him.

It will take daily reminders, but is an infinitely better place to be.


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